Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another week of crapola

It's funny how only a few games can change the mood of Oiler fans. I've been listening to Stauffer's show (TEAM 1260) on the way from work to pick up the baby at daycare and Coach MacT is already on the firing line from the callers.
I personally like the job Craig MacTavish has done, I really liked him as a player. He was one of those players people respect who worked harder than the others and overachieved. A blue collar player.
That said, sometimes a coaching change for the sake of change isn't a bad thing. The team has to think differently and new ideas come in. Stauffer threw out the concept that players can "tune out" a longtime coach who expects players to be defensively responsible and to overachieve - not unlike MacT's own career.
The same thing happened in Calgary and, while I don't recommend looking south for inspiration, Sutter pulled himself out.
I think MacT's job is safe for now. A few wins in the next four or five games will help keep the dogs away - for now.

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